Canjuice aspires to be a global leader in delivering premium merchandise at affordable prices.

CanJuice Logo

Our mission is to provide best in class value to make Canjuice a casual luxury brand of everyday elegance and charm that meet and exceed global customer expectations.

Fun Facts: 
Canjuice India founder came up with the name Canjuice, derived from a local term with a similar pronunciation “Kanjoos” meaning sparing.

At present, Canjuice founders and the brand have a combined global footprint of Asia, North America, Central America, the Caribbean and counting…

CanJuice Story

What started as an introduction of like minds within the largest “big box” retailer, took flight to become an expansion of thought and action “outside the box”.

The founders crossed paths in India and connected as kindred spirits. They shared entrepreneurial interests, creative ideas, family values and a passion to be a part of something much bigger than themselves rooted in a foundation of integrity, community and excellence.

About CanJuice

What’s the Canjuice Way?

A calling to deliver unmatched value that meet and exceed expectations.

We strive to set higher standards, to innovate and to positively contribute to the lives of the customers, communities, employees and the ecosystems we serve.
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